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Birbiglia’s comedy is not to die for, but to live for.
The Guardian
If Tom Hanks did stand-up, it might look like this
The Telegraph
Telling this story of decay, love, persistence and the circle of life, Mike Birbiglia is a true star.
The Times
He finds a sense of silliness and a sense of profundity and forces them to sit side by side.
Time Out
Few comedians are such good company that you never want them to stop. The young Billy Connolly was one such; affable American Mike Birbiglia is another.
The Arts Desk
He draws everything back to his own life, keeping the audience in fits of laughter and tears along the way.
London Theatre
As a comic storyteller, Mike Birbiglia is a finely tuned, perfectly engineered Rolls-Royce.
Perfectly crafted, exquisitely told, and very, very funny.
Funny thing is, you never want him to shut up
Mike Birbiglia knows what he’s doing: At this point, his act is baked to golden perfection
New York Times
Birbiglia's strength is his effortless delivery. You never feel like he's performing a bit, but rather like you're throwing back a beer with your funniest friend, a guy you're meeting up with again for the first time in years.
Entertainment Weekly
Part of his great charm as a performer ... .one woman in the audience, despite his entreaties, literally could not stop herself from laughing. As problems go, that’s a nice one for a comedian to have.
Time Out
Mike Birbiglia may just have created the most delightful memento mori mankind has seen.
Wall Street Journal
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Mike Birbiglia cements his reigning position as Broadway’s greatest comic storyteller